The Phoenix Event Your Wealth Rising From the Ashes

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Jul 28th, 2011 | By | Category: Featured, Investing Strategies, Technology

The American economy has been kicked in the teeth. And the ribs. And the face.

But like a Phoenix, rising from the ashes, the American economy will rise again. In fact, it’s rising even today. Technology, innovation, and good-old American know-how makes this possible.

The proof might stagger you at first, but the amount of proof available overwhelms the senses…

For example, Day 1 of the 2011 Agora Financial Investment Symposium in Vancouver, BC, Canada kicked off with a mind-boggling statistic.

Imagine a wall of iPads – each with hard drives crammed full of data – 61 feet high, stretching from Anchorage, Alaska to Miami, Florida.

That’s how much information has “gone digital” just in the past few years…

You don’t measure steps forward like this in gigabytes. Or terabytes. You measure it in lives changed.

You measure it in knowledge uploaded. You measure it in terms of future wealth potential…

According to Juan Enriquez, Chairman and CEO of Biotechonomy LLC and Patrick Cox, Editor of Agora’s own Breakthrough Technology Alert, the next few years will bring radical social, economic, and market changes not seen since the Industrial Revolution.

Today – right now – you have one, limited-time opportunity to act on these changes as they’re occurring – and to collect unprecedented wealth in a hurry.

Due to this amazing technological progress, Enriquez and Cox said, investors can no longer afford to think of life as a finite resource. Not only is technology bringing us more and more capacity to synthesize information, it’s giving scientists the power to radically increase lifespan – or, to use their word – healthspan.

Here’s what that really means…

One cheeseburger or car or house has more utility than the fifth cheeseburger or car. This is a simple economic principle. The rule doesn’t hold, however, when it comes to health – or life. Today is worth just as much to you as yesterday was. It’s worth just as much as tomorrow will be. This is why healthspan is the growth industry of the next decade.

Companies using the latest technology to increase your healthspan are poised to become the Intel’s, Microsoft’s, and Cisco’s of tomorrow. This is the field where a technological – and profits revolution – is currently underway.

Because of shocking breakthroughs revealed by Enriquez and Cox, human healthspan is about to undergo one of the biggest spikes upward since the dawn of the Industrial Revolution. This will shatter entire economies. It will destroy old ways of doing business. Along the way, it will also make fast-acting people like you richer than they ever dreamed possible.

The skeptical among you will scoff. After all, the ability to “upload” and “download” memories – the power to create from hair or skin cells new organs that match perfectly to your current liver, heart, or trachea – it all sounds like science-fiction. Right?

Wrong. It’s happening. Today. In America. Technology is moving forward faster and with more purpose than at any other time in American history.

Yes, our fiscal outlook may appear poor. But tiny, cutting-edge startups like the ones pursuing these amazing breakthroughs are responsible for creating ALL the net job growth of the past decade – as well as 21% of U.S. economic output. All this in a climate where all venture capital investment still amounts to just .2% of GDP.

Against all odds, in one of the worst economic environments on record, with every possible headwind trying to slow them down – these small companies are succeeding. They’re moving forward – innovating – creating – and stand ready to not only increase your healthspan beyond your wildest dreams, but also make you richer than you ever imagined.


Jessica Comitto
Managing Editor, Penny Sleuth

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Jessica Comitto

Jessica Comitto is the managing editor for Agora Financial's Trend Playbook and associate editor of Penny Stock Fortunes and STORM Signals. Jessica is a veteran student of the markets, and has experience bridging the gap between retail investors and complex investment strategies. She holds a degree in history from the University of Maryland.

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  1. Some companies may be doing well but the overall economy is not. It’s a nice cheerleading write-up but unfortunately the majority of Americans today are not in such great financial condition. The problem is lack of jobs and most of them are being outsourced to foreign countries like China and India.

  2. Fact is the U.S. government is doing nothing about American jobs being exported anymore than in my own tiny countries government is about us losing jobs to China etc. Donald trump is the only high profile person who has a plan to deal with China. A 25% tariff on all Chinese made imports. Unfortunately that would hurt the American corporations that use China to make their products cheaply who then sell them in the USA.
    So I think the best future for the USA and here in NZ is with breakthrough technologies that we keep and develope. But when you have General Electric handing years of scientific development to the Chinese it does make you wonder if these breakthrough technologies will remain in the USA !

  3. You made some first rate points there. I looked on the internet for the problem and found most people will go together with together with your

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