Cells Gone Wild! By | March 22, 2013

    What if someday, instead of the usual “Flu Shots Today,” the cardboard sign in front of your local pharmacy read: “Cancer Shots Today?” Even if you were deathly afraid of needles, you would probably rush in to get an injection. The idea that a simple inoculation could eradicate cancer might sound ludicrous. Sometimes however, when […]…read more

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Chart Wars: AAPL vs. BBRY

The “smartphone wars” have been a hot topic for traders and investors for months now. Speculation over next-generation smartphones, product launches, sales projections and market share has dominated the discussion. Will Samsung’s new line of phones be able to compete with Apple? Will the new BlackBerry revive its long-suffering parent company? ...read more

Getting Rich from Military Technology, Part II

The Russian and the Frenchman First, let’s return to Mendeleev and his missing elements. Why were there gaps in his table? Did the Russian scientist make errors in arranging the elements? Or, based on the gaps, were these apparently “missing elements” key to another aspect of chemistry? Mendeleev was perplexed, but he ...read more

Getting Rich from Military Technology, Part I

When you listen to military communications, a lot of words are slang, and actually have quite distinct meanings. For example, there was this time, long ago during my Navy days, when my squadron was working up out at NAS Fallon, Nevada. (“Working up” is Navy shorthand for getting everyone qualified ...read more

D-Wave’s Quantum Tech Set to Disrupt Computing

For decades, digital computing has been on an exponential trend first described in Moore’s law. We’ve been able to pack more electronic components in a given space than ever before, and the trend will continue for many years. New technologies are emerging, however, that could eventually supersede the current computing paradigm ...read more

An Introduction to Options

We’ve been getting a lot of questions about options here at Trend Playbook, so I wanted to cover some of the basics today… In the world of finance, “options” isn’t just a word for your investment choices -- options are financial instruments that Wall Street gurus and individual investors can use ...read more

Never Make These 4 Trade Execution Mistakes Again

Today, I want to go back to basics and show you four trading mistakes that could be sapping money from your portfolio before you even had a chance… Trade execution is one of the most mysterious parts of the investing world -- few individual investors concern themselves with what’s happening to ...read more

A Proven Way To Get Rich

There’s a short phrase buried deep within the U.S. Constitution, at Article I, Section 8, Clause 13. It’s short. In fact, it’s only six words. But it practically guarantees us the chance to profit as investors. The Constitution doesn’t spell out many things in black and white. Heck, people litigate constitutional ...read more

3 Tricks to Stick to Your Stops

I’ve told you in the past that it can be good to be a loser in the stock market (if you missed it, click here to see why). Today, I want to show you three effective ways to set stop losses on your trades. First, a little more on why being ...read more